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Annual Conference
Education in the New Economy
February 25, 2011


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Emerging from the 2008 recession, the role of the United States as a leading economic power is at once challenged and undefined. While the 20th century economy was built on manufacturing power and scale, the economic powers of the 21st century will be defined by an innovation economy anchored by an educated citizenry.

Simply, the future of the American economy depends on our education system; a system that has prepared an insufficient few to be the next generation of leaders. The gap in the education system that we have and the education system we need affects all facets of our society. Re-thinking this system is a collective responsibility.

Bringing together a diverse group of experts from the education and business community, the Black Business Student Forum’s annual conference, “Education in the New Economy”, will thoroughly examine how schools prepare students to be successful in the workforce, and why the business community should be partners in this challenge.

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