Africa: Open for Business

The Darden African Business Organization (DABO) is holding its 2nd Darden Africa Business Conference on January 27, 2012. The conference seeks to provide a forum for companies and individuals doing business in Africa to discuss their work and the growing business opportunities available on the continent.

As investors continue to seek out higher returns in a depressed world economy, many are still not aware that Africa rivals many of the more traditional emerging market economies in terms of growth and investment yield. At this conference we intend to highlight the many ventures and investments currently seeing much return in Africa to dispel the real, and often imagined, risks associated with investing in Africa. This year DABO’s keynote speaker is Vincent Rague, a Darden Alumnus and currently a Senior Advisor to the Kenya Ministry of Finance with a long and successful career in international finance and private equity in the U.S. and in Kenya.  Please click here for Mr. Rague’s bio.

Africa is indeed, open for business, and DABO is creating the opportunity for individuals presently involved in African business affairs to educate the U.S. business community about the continent’s prospects, while encouraging future business leaders to seriously consider careers at the final frontier of global investment. It is worth any investor or individual’s while to explore investments, financial or strategic, on the continent.

Other speakers at this year’s conference include:

Stephen Murray, Investment Officer, Pan African Capital Group, Washington DC
Kyle Newell, Co-Founder, Emerging Market Advisors, Washington DC
Melissa Cook, Founder & Managing Director, African Sunrise Partners, New York
Michelle Mfuni (D’95), Executive Lead, Strategy & Innovation, Deloitte, South Africa
Akobundu Ejiasa (D’09), Overseas Private Investment Corporation, Washington DC

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